Silver oxide button cells recovered from batteries is reused in Jewellery , Coins. 

Mercury recovered and reused in fluorescent lighting and metric instruments

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Nickel recovered from old batteries & can be used in Steel industry.

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Lead recovered from old batteries can be re-used in new batteries. 

If you not sure what you do with old car batteries, so recycling is the best option for you and the environment , instead of dumping in countryside or local car park . Under Legal Legislation, Car Batteries cannot be dump to landfill sites or must not be disposed with household waste. Our company are here to take waste disposal Batteries.

How are Batteries Recycled?

Cadmium also recovered from old  batteries & can be re-used in new batteries. 

It is recovered from old batteries is of high quality and can be reused by steel production. 

What is recovered?

40% Zinc concentrate recovered from old batteries & is reused by two method of zinc smelting  process  ( the pyrometallurgical process and the electrolysis process)