Transport Details for Wet Flooded Batteries

PRODUCT                                      Lead acid electric storage batteries filled with dilute sulphuric acid

TECHNICAL NAME                        Lead Acid Accumulator

COMPONENTS                              Lead

                                                    Lead Dioxide

                                                    Lead Sulphate 

                                                    Sulphuric Acid (Max Strength of 40%)

HAZARDOUS                                (Batteries filled with liquid electrolyte)

CLASSIFICATION                         Corrosive Group 8

U.N NUMBER                                2794

PACKING GROUP                         3

TYPE OF CONTAINER                   Polypropylene

INTERNATIONAL AIR                  Not classified for transport by air



PRODUCT                                     AGM Batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat)

                                                    Lead Acid electric storage batteries with immobilized dilute sulphuric acid absorbed into the plates

                                                   Batteries are totally sealed with no danger of leakage

PRODUCT                                    GEL Batteries (Gel filled batteries)

                                                    Lead acid electric storage batteries with the electrolyte immobilized in a silica gel

                                                   Batteries are totally sealed with no danger of leakage

TYPE OF CONTAINER                  Polypropylene "Non spillable"

TECHNICAL NAME                       Lead Acid Accumulator

COMPONENTS                             Lead 

                                                   Lead Dioxide

                                                   Immobilized Sulphuric Acid (Max Strength of 40%)

HAZARDOUS                               (Batteries : immobilized electrolyte )

CLASSIFICATION                        UN Number 2800, Class 8

                                                    Unregulated by DOT for transportation by Road Rail , Sea and Air, because they meet the requirements of :

                                                    49 CFR 173.159 (d)

                                                    The only transportation requirements are:

                                                       * The batteries must be securely packed in such a way as to prevent the possibility of short circuiting

                                                       * The battery and outer packaging must be labelled "NONSPILLABLE BATTERY"

INTERNATIONAL AIR                  These batteries are unregulated for air transport because they meet the requirements of : Special Provision "A 67" as promulgated by the                                                                    International Civil Aviation Association    

                                                   (IATA) and (ICAO)

TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION        They also meet the vibration and Pressure Differential Tests of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) regulations.




We hereby certify that all AGM (sealed lead acid) batteries and GEL type batteries supplied by MANBAT Ltd. conform to UN2800,  Class 8" wet non-spillable electrical storage". Also under the IATA Dangerous, Goods Regulations they meet the requirements to conform to special provision "A67" classifying them as non-dangerous goods. They are therefore EXEMPT from the subject regulations for dangerous goods and are acceptable for transport by Air Sea Rail Road. 

Transport details for AGM & Gel Batteries